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Auto Injuries

Effective Treatment for Automobile Accidents

Accident injuries often go undiagnosed and untreated.

Often, if the pain isn't felt initially, people assume there are no injuries. However, pain can usually manifest anywhere from hours to weeks later. 

We work with our patients to properly diagnose their injuries and develop a specialized treatment plan. Areas of auto injuries we cover include:

  • Headaches

  • Arms

  • Neck and Shoulder

  • Back

  • Pelvis

  • Knee, Ankle, and Feet


Fortunately, we can get you out of pain while working to heal the underlying issue. If you have experienced an auto injury, make sure to get an evaluation right away. Our providers are specifically trained to address these issues and can keep your symptoms from getting worse and having further disc damage. Treatment for auto accident injuries focuses on proper alignment of the spinal column. This is done in our office using a procedure called a spinal adjustment. It is non-invasive.

We offer alternative techniques for treatment and will be sure to work with you until we can find the right one for you. Just contact us today for an appointment.

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