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How We Treat (services):

Advanced treatment options for a variety of conditions


Medical & Regenerative Medicine

We offer a variety of advanced medical & regenerative treatments, including various injections and regenerative treatments, such as platelet rich plasma.  Click here for a complete list.



Our chiropractic services include a wide array of treatments that you don't see in typical offices. In addition to traditional adjustments, we also offer expanded services, such as red light therapy, spinal decompression, Graston, dry needling, and acoustic sound wave therapy. Click here for a complete list.


Rehabilitation Services

To help you recover faster from injury, surgery, misalignments and other issues, we provide rehabilitation services, such as manual therapy, manual traction, adjustments, and additional therapeutic modalities. Click here for a complete list.

DME Anchor

We are a DME supplier and supply equipment for each patient's needs.

We provide durable medical equipment that's used in the home to aid in a better quality of life. DME is used to provide additional support and care to patients outside of the a healthcare setting and to support both temporary and permanent conditions.

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